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How to Create a $1 Million Retirement Portfolio

The networks marketing industry offers us a powerful opportunity to create a leveraged and residual income. What this looks like needs to align with your vision, goals, and the time commitment you are willing to invest.

You might want to cover the cost of your products, earn $500-1000 per month or replace your income.

The only right answer is the one that is right for YOU!

Last week I shared a short training on a strategy that we are personally implementing to turn a $1000 per month side income we created (actually separate to our ASEA business) into a $1million retirement portfolio.

It's nothing fancy, it does not involve anything high risk, just consistent investment of this additional income over time. However, this will certainly make a massive difference to our choices later in life!.

Our incredible ASEA REDOX Technology gives us the opportunity to make a massive impact on our well-being and the wellbeing of others.

The ASEA Opportunity can provide income that impacts how we live our lives today as well as the opportunity to create a very different future.

If you would like to watch my short training you can do it HERE.

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