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Let's Reframe Objections

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Objections... this can stop so many of us in our tracks right? People question us about any myriad of things:

  • It's expensive saltwater?

  • I can't afford it

  • Is it FDA Approved

  • Is it safe

  • Will it work for me?

  • Is it network marketing?

  • Why isn't it in stores?

  • Is it a pyramid scheme?

  • Why can I get it cheaper on Amazon/eBay/Shoppee?

What about we start with reframing what are often thought of as objections? "Think of them as questions, your prospect is telling you they need more information before they can make a decision."

As human beings, we are all different, and we all arrive at decisions in a different way, and a different amount of time.

For me, I am usually quick to make a decision. I trusted the advice of the person who introduced me to ASEA and tried it with very little (well almost zero), understanding of the science or what the product was. I'm a try it and see if I like it kinda girl.

For other people, this is not how they arrive at decisions. Some will need to assess and understand the science behind our redox technology before they will make a decision to try it. And they will have lots and lots of questions!

We have some resources available to give you confidence there are answers to common questions. Of course, the most effective way to answer the questions is to connect your prospect with an 'expert' who is further along in their ASEA journey, through a 3-way call or chat:

  • Mentor Call 31

  • How to Respond to Objections

  • Objection Training

I put together a couple of new resources this week specifically around 7 Reasons to Purchase from An Authorised ASEA Reseller.

There is also a video I put together that you can watch HERE. These are both in the Jeanie Go library for you as well.

Remember, you were born to SHINE,

Nicole xo

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