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Setting Your Quarterly Goals

We are now 10 days into the second quarter of 2021. We talk a lot about setting your why and your bigger goals. From so many years working in project management, I know for sure you need to break a massive project down into smaller tasks and interim deadlines.

This is why I love to set quarterly goals, then break them into monthly goals, then plan out what I will do each day/week. I also like to think about my life holistically when I am setting my goals and this includes setting goals for:

  1. Business (you would include career here as well if you are doing multiple things)

  2. Personal Finances (investments, debt reduction savings)

  3. Fitness (working out is super super important for my personal wellbeing, just ask Justin how I am if I don't workout for a week or so).

  4. Family (I like to make sure I have specific family activities scheduled)

  5. Fun (we all need to have fun right)

  6. Self-care (I personally get a massage once a month and I will also take some time out for myself at the beach, get my nails done or something that is just for me!)

I then think about my goals in each of these areas for the quarter, then the month, the daily/weekly. At the end of each week/month/quarter I like to check-in and see how I'm going in each of these areas.

I am a recovering workaholic, so I can easily get into everything going super well in business, but the rest of my life not working so great. And you know what? When you have a more balanced life, your business and finances flow better too. I like using this process as a way to keep myself accountable.

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