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The Power of PRESENCE

Nicole's father had a heart attack and she spent a week up at the hospital. After many days of worry, we are grateful he is now at home and recovering well.

A crisis like this definitely is something that drives reflection and contemplation. Especially a reflection on how we are spending our time:

  • We all have the same time in a week

  • How are we allocating that time

  • Is it in balance, and are we spending time on those things that are truly important to us?

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to carve out space for those things that are truly important to use.

What do you value the most, what is important?

Are you making time for these things regularly? Are you getting support from your family to make sure your highest values are prioritised.

Massive changes to your life can happen in an instant, make sure you live today in a way that does not leave you with regrets tomorrow.

We were also once again grateful to have built a residual income with ASEA. This allowed us to pretty much drop all focus on work for over a week and just be there for our family who needed the attention.

This is not the first time since starting ASEA we have had to shift focus entirely away from work to deal with a personal or family crisis.

Having been through a family crisis many years ago when Nicole's sister was in intensive care, followed by a 6-month hospital stay, we can say for sure that having a residual income takes the stress load way down when you face this type of situation.

Yes, it's still stressful, not having to worry about how to pay your mortgage or putting food on the table certainly means a lot less to worry about.

It also allows the gift of being fully present with those you love and care about in times of crisis. This is definitely one of the greatest blessings building this business style through the ASEA Opportunity has offered us.

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