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Leverage The 20-minute Zoom To Grow Your Business

The 20 Minute Zoom is a great way to introduce people to our flagship redox technology. This is a personal format that works in the same way as a small in-person meeting. We (Justin and Nicole) were able to build our business to Diamond doing and duplicating an in-home format. 


While it’s great to be with people, geographic distance and busy schedules can make this a challenge… enter the 20-minute zoom, which brings the amazing benefits of small group meetings online and takes local global!

Why The 20-Min Zoom?

Learn about 20-minute zoom introduction with Presidential Diamond Trish Schwenkler

Simple Tips For Inviting Guests to 20-Minute Zoom

Hear from Louisa and Rob how they are using a simple invite strategy to brings guests along to a 20-minute zoom every week!

Leverage Our Team 20-Minute Zooms


We run regular 20-minute introduction zooms that you can invite guests along to. You just focus on inviting guests and getting them to show up!


These 20-minute calls are designed for you to attend if you have a guest. 

If you want to leverage our 20-minute zoom introductions, please join our What’s App Group “SB ASEA 20 Min Zoom” and let us know the names of your guests. Don’t worry, even if you can’t be there with your guests, we will take care of them and refer them back to you to get their products. 


We offer some regular little prize draws and incentives for those who get the most guests along on a regular basis, we will highlight this in the What’s App group. 

Current Schedule for Team 20-Min Zoom Calls

We have 20-min zoom calls where you can bring guests along to introduce them to ASEA several times a week. With ASEA available in 33 countries worldwide, there should be an upcoming event in your timezone. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Watch an example of Nicole Dennis doing a
20-minute zoom presentation.

START a 20-Minute Zoom Introduction For Your Own Team!

Download the powerpoint complete with notes to do your own 20-min zoom!

20-minute Zoom Presentation

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