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Justin Phillips Story
From a Financial Train Wreck to Financial Freedom with Janene Babauskis
Justin & Nicole

From a Financial Train Wreck to Financial Freedom with Janene Babauskis

Janene's love and passion is in health and nutrition and empowering others with their health, lifestyle and personal development, creating abundant possibilities and choices for those she works with. Janene has dedicated 25 years to the education and health of her clients. Her journey started when she was a teenager learning the healing role of food, natural lifestyle choices in her quest for her personal health which later formed the basis of her health consulting practice. Her latest adventure with ASEA has been a natural progression for her in her ongoing quest for new science in the area of health and healing as well as an exciting business adventure which provides lifestyle and financial freedom, not only for herself but for those she works with. โœ”๏ธFREE WORKBOOK 5 Proven Steps to Get Everything You Want contains my tried, tested and proven methods to move your life from where it is now to where you want it to be ' ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ JOIN THE CONVERSATION Private Facebook Community where we call help each other shine ๐Ÿค LETโ€™S TALK ABOUT WORKING TOGETHER If you're a woman on a mission to create a life you LOVE, I would love to speak with you.. Book a Discovery Call NOW so we can direct you to the best training for your needs! SAY ๐Ÿ‘‹ ON SOCIAL MEDIA: โœ… FACEBOOK: โœ… WEBSITE: โœ… INSTAGRAM: โœ… PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP:
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I have never been more proud to be part of Asea and the Shine Bright team, and be surrounded by like-minded caring souls that make up the Shine Bright team! The support, knowledge and training provided by the founders of the Shine Bright team, Nicole Dennis and Justin Phillips, has been exceptional from the moment I joined.


And not just from the founders, but also my immediate upline, Janene Babauskis and Kelli Parker. The quality of training, documents and systems provided to support associates to set up and grow their businesses, has been outstanding and professional in the Shine Bright team.

And its ongoing, to show us how to support our own growing team members! There is consistency with the training and support, and I love how Shine Bright team evolves with the changing environment and world of technology, to input systems that help grow each of our businesses and saves time overall.

Terese Millhouse

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