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Operation Ignite Training

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Welcome to Operation Ignite! Operation Ignite - A Shine Bright team exclusive mindset and business training program to help you start or re-start the Engine in your ASEA business boosting it from where it is currently to where you want to be by helping you become who you want to be! Many Challenges and 90-day programs focus mainly on ‘the numbers’ or ‘how many people you ‘need’ in your business to rank advance and this often leaves out the most important factor in the process: ‘you’. This is a people-based business and people buy you, not necessarily just the product and this course will help you maximize 'you' by learning easy ways to implement engaging with the people in your circle in non ‘salesy’ and ‘non-pressurized’ ways while building trust, likability, and relationships first and foremost and building skills around intention setting, consistency and how to best use the tools the Shine Bright team have designed.

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