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Animal Wellness

We have gorgeous toy poodles 🐩🐩🐩🐩 who are a very important part of our family.

And just like us they are getting older and things start to break down.

Truffle has had skin growths several times that we have treated with REDOX gel. She is still jumping around living the good life at 13.

Recently we thought we would lose Teddy, who holds a very special place in our heart. He could not walk for 3 days and we had to hand feed him. The only thing he would drink was REDOX.

This got him through until he could see the doggie PHYSIO and get some work done on his back (the little guy has a history of back issues).

He is now running around again and even jumping up on the furniture (sorry Brook, we can’t retrain him!)

Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, even goldfish… tomorrow night is all about animals and their REDOX stories.

The last one got rave reviews, so make sure you invite people along to tomorrow night.

We have put together a Facebook story series that you can use to promote tomorrow night, grab the falls on the link below (we recommend that you open this on your phone and stable straight to your camera roll).

Also remember to personally invite people, especially those who love their pets.

Shine bright,

Justin and Nicole

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