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Fear of Failure Holding You Back?

I remember reading an interview with billionaire founder of Spanx Sara Blakely several years ago and she shared that at the family dinner table each night her Dad would invite her and her brother to share what they failed at that day.

So many of us grow up being taught that we should not fail, to avoid failing… what is this programming really teaching us? It is teaching us to not take risks that may not pay off due to fear of failure.

Success coach and Entrepreneur Jack Canfield says “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”. What if we could reframe failure, to see trying something new or a different way of doing things as courage. What if we celebrated leaders and entrepreneurs for trying a new way of doing things, even when they don’t work out?

There are often many failures before people achieve success - Thomas Edison had 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before he was successful in creating the lightbulb.

I encourage you all to ask your yourself these questions:

  1. Where is the fear of failure stopping you from taking action in your life?

  2. How can you reframe failure and the possibility of failure into a growth mindset?

  3. What is something new you could try in the next month if you didn’t let failure hold you back?

Check out this great article from Sara Blakely on redefining failure and how she is bringing these lessons to the next generation through what she is teaching her children.


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