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Your Story is Your Superpower

Last night I attended an event Your Story Is Your Superpower. Working with ASEA, we organise people to share their stories every week on our regular calls.

Last night hearing a book coach and author share about the POWER of story, further reinforced to me how important is to share our stories with others.

You might feel your story is not worth sharing... we all have our unique story and by sharing it you never know the impact that can have on someone else's life.

This hit home hugely for us a few years ago when someone reached out to share the story of a young teenage girl we had never met. Literally, her life had been saved by someone reaching out to her to start the amazing molecules of ASEA.

What if we had never had the courage to share our story, then for that person to go on and share with someone, who shared with someone, who shared with someone, and so on, who go the message to this young girl?

What would have the impact been of losing her on her family, her friends? Sometimes, we don't even know the impact we can make or the lives we can change.

Stories are incredibly powerful, if you haven't shared your ASEA story yet, please reach out to us and organise to share your experience on one of our calls. It doesn't matter how big or small your story is, it's important and unique to you.

Don't worry we will coach you on how to do this, it might just change someone's life.

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