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Ready to Go Pro?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The brains behind Jeanie Go, Larry MacFarlane, joined us on the weekend to share with us 5 tips to get the most from Jeanie PRO. Jeanie Go is a fantastic resource to build your business from anywhere using your phone. You can send information to prospects, access training, send resources to new team members, right from your phone. These are the 5 tips Larry shared with you:

  • Tip #1: Use the search option in the contacts notes section.

  • Tip #2: Make sure the filters are switched off in the contacts search page to find my contacts.

  • Tip #3: On the contact page, go into the activity section to understand how the contact is interacting with me. You can add a not to a contact if you have had an interaction with them such as a phone call etc.

  • Tip #4: PRO only - build a "favourites" selection of tools that you send the most. Use the heat to favourite a tool.

  • Tip #5: Share content using social media by selecting "Other" then you can share through any message platform installed on your phone (FB Messenger, Instagram, What's App, Telegram, Line, We Chat).

Larry has put together a special deal when you upgrade to PRO - 1 month FREE. Head to and enter the code: JGO-AUSTRALIA-1MFREE

It expires on 31 March 2021 so get in quick to secure this great deal.

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