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We Are Halfway There... What Will You Do To Make The Last Half Count?

Well, it's almost halfway through 2021. The last 18 months have been filled with challenges and difficulties for so many around the world.

When Justin was really sick in 2013 (like we were not sure if he would make it through), one of his therapists was an incredible chiropractor in his 80s, who used to treat him several times a week. He even used to come and do house visits when Justin was not able to drive.

His favourite quote was:

It's not the problems we face in life, it's how we react to them that counts

He became a close friend and had an incredible attitude to life. Now, his personal life had not been without challenges. He had lost both his wife and daughter within 6 months of each other about 10 years before we met. However, he made the decision to live a full life and use his skills to help many people in our local community.

And his quote rang true for sure. I remember just praying every day in 2013 when Justin was so sick that this would pass, that things would change, that it would improve. Some days it was harder to see that possibility for our future than others, however, I always came back to holding the vision that things would be okay.

You know what? Some of the greatest lessons and blessings ended up coming from this period of a time of great personal challenge and darkness in our life.

I know right now, the global situation is making many people feel anxious, fearful, angry, and a whole host of other emotions. In Australia, we are looking at a host of new restrictions right now, which is definitely not heightening my good vibing feelings!

However, I can focus on what I can do, what is in my control, what I can create, where I can contribute. Personally, I find this leaves me feeling more empowered than focusing on the negative stream coming from the media and many other sources!

You have in your hands the power of redox technology to make a real difference for others. In the process, if you choose, you can also use this vehicle to make a difference for your personal life too - your health, your impact, your fulfillment, and alongside it your personal financial wellbeing.

There are probably other areas in your life too where you can feel more empowered and make a change.

So at this mid-point of the year ask yourself:

1. What problems or challenges are you facing in your life?

2. How are you dealing with these... are you facing them and working through them to have a positive outcome.

3. What issues are causing your fear/worry/anxiety? How could you change your perspective around these to feel more empowered?

4. What goals are you dreaming of realising for the rest of 2021

I encourage you to sit down and spend some time journalling your thoughts and feelings on these questions and any others that come up.

Remember, you were born to SHINE,

Justin and Nicole x

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